Jesus, I feel like crap. I know it has been a REALLY long time since I’ve spent any time on this blog. I’ve been looking forward to putting up new posts, but I just never had the time to do so. I hope all has been well with everyone and that everyone is enjoying their summers (if that applies to you).

I thought I would have more time once summer came around to actually dedicate myself to this blog. But my high school graduation just marked the beginning of tons and tons of graduation parties, multiple reunions with friends from far places, and then packing for my first trip to Corea. I spent a little over two weeks in Corea and it was absolutely amazing.

I would delve more into my trip, but to sum it up, I was in a Templestay program for a week which allowed me to be surrounded in Korean Zen Buddhism and learn more about my religion. I got to travel from temple to temple in the mountains and got to meet amazing people along the way. The program only lasted a week. The second week that I had in Corea was spent with my family in Corea that I never met before.

Corea all in all was something that I never will forget. It was great to be in the motherland and actually live in the pride that I have for my country. I miss it dearly, but I know now that I must return to it and in order to do that, I must work hard. So here’s to my dedication to be in my motherland once again.

I hope to put more time into this blog and that I continue to have all your love and support. As always, live zen and be happy with yourself!


Teachings of Dedication

“When asked about the importance of receiving teachings on dedication, Gape Lama answered, “Whatever Dharma practice we engage in, large or small, we must dedicate the merit. If we fail to dedicate, then whatever merit we have accumulated can be lost very easily in a moment of anger, or in giving rise to any afflictive emotion or action.”

– Padmasambhava