“This is my simple religion. There is no need for temple; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is out temple; the philosophy is kindness.”

– Dalai Lama


Don’t Stop The Music (Dance Cover)

At this point, I always seem to expect to be blown away whenever I watch a dance cover or song cover on YouTube. However, I never thought I could feel chills run up and down my body by watching a dance cover. I personally can never reach this level of skill in dancing, but I just feel like the music, the moves, and the emotions are usually enough for me to really get everything I can out of the cover.
This dance cover in particular made me feel the love between the two dancers. Some back story is that they are married and they are doing a duet. On the surface, it seems like a cheesy concept, but then when you actually watch the video in it’s entirety, you become mesmerized. They are ridiculously in sync and they never miss each other’s beat. They are responding to each other’s dance advances and they just can’t get enough of it. Besides the fact that they are AMAZING dancers, their love for each other was just shown through another medium and I feel blessed for being able to watch it over and over again.

Dumbfoundead – Cool and Calm

I’ve been a diagnosed insomniac for seven years, but it feels like so much longer. With the days blurring together and the sunrise being the only indicator that another day has passed, insomnia has pretty much consumed my life. But despite that, insomnia has given me something that I always thought I didn’t have enough of: time. I’ve had more time than I can handle, so I’ve taken advantage of it by indulging in something I love. All this time in the wee hours of the night has given me the opportunity to become diverse in the music I listen to and it also gives me the chance to find new artists. It was my insomnia that allowed me to be roped into the underground world of music, and I haven’t regretted it since.
This is one song that I always end up listening to when I feel extremely restless once I’ve run out of things to do. Somehow, this song just lets me close my eyes and clear my head which is enough for me especially since I can’t sleep.

Well, sorry that I’ve been pretty inconsistent with my posts. It’s not easy being pre-med, but somehow I always know that when I come back to this blog, I’ll be engulfed in a warm familiarity. I hope everyone has been doing well!

Fanoe – Sungha Jung and Ulli Boegershausen

Lately, I’ve been in an academic slump. It is my first year at college and I feel like all the things I once was sure about and confident about is falling apart. It sucks because I’m not usually the person to completely open up my thoughts to others, especially to my family members. But the other day, I surprised myself because I opened up to my sister and for once I got the advice I needed to hear.
Unfortunately, I’m still in the slump. I’ve lost hope. I’ve lost confidence. And above all, I’ve lost motivation. The ambition that used to course through my body is being tested way too much and I’m only in the first semester of my freshman year at college. I feel physically and mentally ill and it seems to only be weighing me down.
I kind of just want to go back home and sleep for a VERY long time. But I know that isn’t the answer right now, it is WAY too early to give up. So I won’t give up. I will try harder and get out of this slump.
So why this song? I came across it when I put my entire iTunes library on shuffle. That is something I do from time to time because I have over 6,000 songs in my library and I like updating the playlists that I frequently listen to with songs I thought I forgot or songs that I had yet to hear from albums of my favorite artists. This song in particular peaked my interest because it describes how I am feeling right now without words. Music has always been a comforting and overwhelming part of my life because there was always a song that justified an emotion even without any words. I hope this particular piece invokes something in you because obviously I don’t expect it to invoke the same feelings as it did for me.
Enjoy and I hope that the end of 2013 is turning out well for you all!