“I will stop when I am dead. That is my only deadline.”

– Unknown


OCA Soulmate


From June 30th to July 5th, I was in San Francisco for my internship programs national convention. In those six days and five nights, the girl you see in the picture above on the right? She’s the reason I was able to stay sane and collected during the whole convention. Whether she was being weird with me, listening to my rants, calming me down in my times of emotional distress, or taking power naps with me in the middle of the day – I could not have survived¬†without her.

There are not enough descriptions I could throw out to really make y’all feel the way i feel about her. She truly has turned out to be one of my soulmates in this cohort and I could not be more grateful that we became friends the way we did. I really can’t imagine the next six weeks of this program without her and now I’m glad that I don’t have to. Angie, thank you for bothering with a person like me and being a genuine friend. I cannot wait for the upcoming memories and time spent together in the next few weeks because I know that even when she is back in Oklahoma and I’m back in New Jersey, we will still be talking when we can and by the time we meet again, it’ll be like there wasn’t a gap at all.