“I still cannot articulate everything I do deserve, but I can say with confidence that i do not deserve to be unhappy. For now, let me just say I know I mean something to myself.”

– Julie Wesenberg



I had a really great conversation with my roommate last night and I just thought that I would share it here:

Last night I got pretty sentimental and nostalgic with the spring semester of my sophomore year ending in a couple weeks, bringing me closer to being in DC for the summer. I had some time to really reflect on a lot of different parts of my life so far that have led me ultimately to the person I am in the present moment. I have long accepted the fact that I have gone through a lot of hardships, whether it concerned living my own life or most of all, my family. I have long accepted the fact that a lot of people have come and gone out of my life on both positive and negative terms. And most of all, I have long accepted the fact that I will always be working harder to fulfill my own crazy ambitions.

But amidst all those facts above that I have long accepted, I had not taken the time to count all the gems in my life. What do I mean by that? Well gems for me could be memories, milestones, people, relationships, friendships, and a plethora of other things in my life. And those gems are things that can never be destroyed even if they become lost or decide to part with me in the future. Last night specifically, the gems I reminisced on and came to acknowledge were the absolutely amazing friends and people that have come into my life and those who have stayed in my life. My roommate Eveleen has definitely proved to be another gem of a human being in my life. My most treasured friend Meghana has been a gem for a long time and I hope will continue to be in this lifetime. And last but definitely not least, the people in my life right now who I hope are on their way to becoming gems in my life that I can embed in the happy crevices of my brain along with the others.

Despite all the bad times, unfortunate events, and difficulties I have faced and continue to face for the rest of this life, I am so blessed and utterly gracious for the gems in my life. I always find myself in a moment or time of bliss at random and different times of my life and that makes everything worth it.All the positive and negative things become worth it and just another important part of my life and growth. I don’t know if anyone that is mentioned in this post will ever read this but if by chance you do, thank you from the deepest depths of my heart and soul. I cannot say that enough and so I will never stop saying it or ever forget.

To all the people who follow this blog and read  it, my wish from now and until the end of your lifetime is that you continue to collect gems in your life and have happiness continue to grace your life. Remember, things are always how you make them out to be.